Stations on the Line

The Greenock and Wemyss Bay line was opened for traffic on Monday 15th May 1865 and runs from Port Glasgow to Wemyss Bay, a distance of ten and a half miles.

Any one of the six stations listed below offer the traveller plenty of reasons to alight from the train and explore the area – in fact, with trains running every hour, an entire day out may be enjoyed in this way!

Not included among our pages is one of the newer stations, IBM Halt, now known as IBM. It opened on 9 May 1978 by British Rail to serve what was at that time a thriving computer manufacturing plant employing over 4,000 people. Originally, the stop was unadvertised and only peak time services stopped there, but now, despite the decline in the fortunes and working population of the plant, the facility is publicly advertised and all but one service make the stop.

1865 – The New Line

Click HERE to read a fascinating account of one man’s journey along the new line, extracted from The Greenock Telegraph of Saturday 13th May 1865.
The writer was invited on a special excursion trip given by the contractors and engineers to about five hundred “ladies and gentlemen”.